Help, I broke my Tibia AND Fibula!

Recovery pictures and timeline

February 2010

Handicap! 2/23 - Fractured (left) Tibia (mid-tibial shaft) and Fibula (2 fractures-proximal and distal third). Paramedics and Fire Department arrive, administer morphine IV, splint. Ambulance ride to local hospital, x-ray's taken. More pain killers (morphine, dilaudid). Re-splint leg, and admitted into hospital room

2/24 - Surgery - ORIF (Open Reduction Internal Fixation) of Tibia / Titanium IM (Intramedullary) Rod inserted, 3 screws. Anesthesia, sciatic nerve block, some bone carpentry... woke up 1.5hrs later in recovery!

2/26 - Discharged from hospital with crutches, splint (from surgery still on), vicodin and toradol.

March 2010

3/4 - Orthopedic Surgeon (OS) appointment. Splint removed, short leg plaster cast fitted. Physical Therapy (PT) prescribed, 2x/week for 4 weeks. TTWB (Toe Touch Weight Bearing)

3/8 - PT - could not do anything with staples in knee and plaster cast on.

3/18 - OS appointment. Plaster cast and staples removed, "Darth" walking boot fitted. Very little Range of Motion (ROM) in knee and ankle. 3 Week x-ray's taken.

3/23 - PT, knee

3/26 - PT, knee

3/31 - PT, ankle

April 2010

4/2 - PT, ankle

4/12 - OS appointment. X-ray shows signs of bone growth/healing. Dr. states that I can bear-weight as tolerable. Depending how it feels, I can wear normal shoes and ditch the "darth" walking boot. Also, wean off the crutches and try walking...!? Dr. asked if I had been going to PT (which I had 4 times), advised that if I felt it was a waste of time, he would not refer anymore. I said that I could go either way, and since I was going back to work, I'll take the PT referral and see how if I can schedule more. WBAT (Weight Bearing As Tolerated)

4/13 - Back to work...


I'd like to thank my wife for helping me throughout this entire ordeal!

Larger Pictures

Tib-Fib Fracture

X-ray taken in ER, nurse said it didn't look good, but could not show me the image.

Attending ER doctor said that it wasn't good and the OS on call said that I'd have to be admitted and surgery the next day :(

No eating til surgery (2/23 - 10pm).

Surgery did not happen til (2/24 - 3pm).

staples on leg
staples on leg
short leg hard cast

First OS appointment (1 week post-surgery), splint was removed...

Staples seen for the first time, lots of pain, bruising, and swelling.

A short leg hard/plaster cast was put on to stabilize the fibula.

In two weeks, the cast will be removed!

Tib-Fib Fracture - Week 3
Tib-Fib Fracture - Week 3

3 week x-ray's show the fibula is lined up nicely and the tibia is pretty secure!

Hopefully the next set of radiographs will be much better!

Cast in Trash

Get that cast in the trash!

crutches and stairs
crutches and boot


Who said you can't crutch stairs! Not a problem.

Aside from the swelling, pain, and concerned glares, I can manage on my own.

Almost 7 Weeks

almost 7 weeks
almost 7 weeks
almost 7 weeks
almost 7 weeks

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Tibial ORIF

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